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CEO, Xtraclicks Network, Hados Damilola fondly called Hadosbaba, is a renowned, computer technician, a website developer, a blogger and a social media enthusiast, who is the owner of Xtraclicks Network founded in 2016 and has kept springing up surprisingly.

Hados Damilola to the consummate skills exerted in his field and his abilities, he has started the tussle to look in dept of inside scoop on latest technology news, relevant and authentic Tech Solutions. Tricks and Tips related to Latest Smart Phones, Windows OS.

Xtraclicks Network is a team of young vibrant skilled personalities who are devoted to bringing a new phase of Tech Solutions, ICT and Engagements to the people. We
are here to give you the best.

Hados Damilola is an Enthusiast Computer Tech. Blogger, a Computer Science student and Hados had been involved in the computer and network repair industry since 2008
as a technician, instructor, author, consultant and speaker.. I like surfing through the Internet and i gains a lot, which helps to increase my knowledge and experience.

You can connect with me and I would love to have you connected.

E-mail – hadosbaba@gmail.com
Facebook – Hados Damilola
Twitter- hadosbaba

Instagram- iamhados
skype – Hadosbaba

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